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Is Your Website Making A Good First Impression?

A few months ago, I saw an Instagram post shared by @awe.mommy. In the photo, a young toddler is pictured playing in his toy food truck. His mom summed up her hilarious experience with his food service. “This is my last time eating from this food truck. The owner/cook is naked, the food tastes like plastic and when I grabbed the smoothie he threw the plate at me. I give it 1 star.”

Being a mom myself, the post gave me a good laugh.

But then it got me thinking about first impressions we make as business owners and how the nature of making first impressions has changed dramatically in the last twenty years or so.

Your Website is the new way of making a first impression

The days of in-person first impressions are long gone. Now, as business owners, we almost always make first impressions to potential customers in an online space either through our websites or social media. Are we taking that opportunity as seriously as we would if it were in person? Are you going to the same lengths to present yourself online as you would if you had a physical location? If I had to guess, your physical location would look nice, organized, and professional. It would reflect your brand and the product or service you offer. What about your website?

It’s very easy to underestimate the importance of your website because you don’t get to witness customers interacting with it like you would at your shop or in a meeting. Think about the difference between working at a location where you see multiple clients/customers cycle in and out throughout the day. You interact, you converse, and you get live feedback on what they like and how they feel about your products or services.

Your website is SUCH a different experience. That is why it’s often easily overlooked. If you aren’t actively gathering intel on the user’s experience with your site, you may never even know they visited it. But I’m here to tell you, they are!

They are still interacting with you, sizing you up, and deciding how your product/services make them feel. They are still very much coming and going and all the while asking themselves, “Is this product for me?” The only difference? It all happens online. While this can be overwhelming at first, it’s also pretty amazing that all of this can occur while you are sleeping soundly at night or sitting on the beach thousands of miles away!

You may have completely forgotten about your site. Maybe it’s outdated or on the backburner for now. I’m here to give you that little nudge and remind you that your website is the first impression for your business. This is crucial! You don’t often get second chances with first impressions, so DON’T waste them. I encourage you to visit your website right now and view it from the eyes of your ideal client who has yet to meet you. Is this the first impression you want to make?

Not satisfied with the impression your website is making?

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Picture of website designer, Ashley

Until Next Time! Ashley

Until Next Time! Ashley

Picture of website designer, Ashley

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