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Setting New Year’s Resolutions for Your Website in 2024

The new year offers a perfect opportunity to set some goals for improving your website. Just like personal New Year’s resolutions, setting ambitious but achievable targets for your site helps motivate you to reach new heights.

Here are some impactful website resolutions to consider for 2024.

Increase Traffic By 20%

Fresh website content is key for driving traffic. Set a goal to blog 2-3 times per month with keywords and optimize your content. Promote new posts on social media. Participate in forums with a website link. Implement SEO best practices to boost search visibility. Install analytics like Google Analytics to track traffic.

Improve Conversion Rates By 10% 

First, use analytics to identify where visitors are bouncing. Improve page speed and navigation on these pages. Highlight calls-to-action prominently. Refresh page copy to address customer questions and emphasize benefits clearly. Remove any hiccups in checkout processes. Offer more landing page options for campaigns. Testimonials and social proof also help nudge visitors to convert.

Revamp Brand Alignment

Reevaluate if your current website aligns with your brand image and offerings. Do colors, fonts, images, and messaging reflect your brand identity? If not, set a goal to redesign the site with a cohesive look and feel. Update copy, photos, and navigation to match branding. 

Add A Service Page

Showcase the full range of services you provide by creating a dedicated page. The goal is to make it easy for visitors to understand all of your offerings or areas of expertise at a glance. Organize services into clear groups or categories with explanatory descriptions and visuals for each.

Implement Email Marketing

Email marketing delivers exceptional ROI but it requires focus to do well. Set a resolution to form an email list via a signup offer on your site and social. Draft regular newsletters that provide value. Promote content upgrades and offers via email. Automate highly-targeted email workflows. Integrate email signups into your customer journey. 

The new year presents a motivating starting line for your website. Transform goals into resolutions and by December 2024 you can look back with tangible improvements.

Now is the time to plan for your site’s best year yet!


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Until Next Time! Ashley

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