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Reviews of the Best Website Builders and CMS Tools to Use in 2024

If you’re looking to build a new website this year, there are a ton of options to choose from. For a new business owner or non technical individual this can end up being more of a bad thing than good. The endless array of options tends to overwhelm people and for some sends them into a state of analysis paralysis. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone if this sounds like you!

In this post,  I aim to make your life a little easier by comparing some of the top options to consider in 2024 based on their ease of use, features, and price.


WordPress is the world’s most popular website platform, powering over 30% of sites. The open-source CMS offers unmatched flexibility and customization through plugins, themes, and ability to self-host. 

What is self-hosting?

Self-hosting means you can choose what hosting company you’d like to use for your website. Options include companies like: Bluehost, HostGator, GoDaddy (despite being well known, I wouldn’t recommend them but that’s a topic for another day) or my personal favorite Siteground.  The benefit of self-hosting is you have more control over the price and quality of the server your website will be hosted on and you can switch to a different service at any time without losing your entire website.  

While WordPress has a learning curve, it’s a great choice for bloggers and businesses wanting lots of control. Because there are so many options with WordPress, it also allows for a lot of growth in your business. For ex: you may find yourself a year down the road in business and wanting the option to add an online course to your website. WordPress would allow for this whereas other builders would not have this capability. 

Drawbacks to WordPress are the need for self-updating and security vigilance. As stated above, there is a greater learning curve so if you aren’t tech savvy and want your website built in WordPress you might want to call a professional (i.e: me 🙂).


Shopify makes ecommerce easy, with everything you need to create an online store built-in. Their platform is intuitive with a clean interface and plenty of template options. It syncs with POS systems, has secure hosting, and integrated payment processing. 

Downsides are the transaction fees and lack of flexibility vs. WordPress. But for selling online, Shopify is hard to beat.


For those wanting a completely drag-and-drop website builder, Wix is a top choice. With 500+ designer templates and easy customization options, you don’t need any coding knowledge. Wix covers hosting, security, and integrates with many third-party apps. 

Potential cons are storage limits on free plans and lack of data portability. If you decide to switch to a different builder down the line, you will have to start over from scratch. Wix also has a lot less customization options. This can be good for the ease of simplicity but also limiting for a more advanced designer.


Squarespace is another robust website builder with beautiful templates ideal for portfolios, blogging, or business sites. Their unique style focuses on imagery, clean layouts, and simplicity. 

Downsides can be limits on custom CSS and clunky third-party integrations. Because Squarespace does focus so heavily on imagery, it is important that users have professional photos to accomplish the look of many of the templates available on Squarespace. But overall, Squarespace is great for non-technical users.

No matter your skill-level or project needs, there are now more options than ever to get your website up and running. Take the time to evaluate platforms against your specific requirements to choose the best fit. The investment will pay off with a site that achieves your online goals and takes you into 2024 looking your digital best.

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Until Next Time! Ashley

Until Next Time! Ashley

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