A Step-by-Step Guide to DIYing Your Website

Save time and avoid stress during the DIY process with this amazing guide full of answers to all of your questions.


What’s Inside

Pages of Easy-to-Use Tips and Resources!


What the heck is"Hosting" anyway?

Creating a successful website is just like building a house. Understanding how web hosting works to improve the performance of your website—and which hosting provider to choose—helps you build a strong foundation!


What domain name should I choose?

Your domain name is your business’s signature on the internet. It’s how customers will discover you and know your brand on sight. Learning how to find the right domain for your website helps you leave your mark!


What Website Builder is best for me?

Did you know your business type determines which website builder is best for it? The specific needs of an e-Commerce or service-based business are not one-size-fits-all! Knowing which website builder has the features your business needs helps your website thrive.


Why should I worry about branding?

Your business’s brand is the first thing customers notice. What does your brand say about you and your company? Learn what steps to take to create your own brand identity, and leave a powerful impression on customers!


How can I write good copy for my site?

Content is queen! Create meaningful messaging targeted right at your ideal client to ensure you convert your visitors into paying customers!


How can I make my website look nice?

It’s not only essential to design each page of your website—it’s also fun! Get creative and plan stunning visuals for your website like fonts, imagery, and color palettes to express yourself and showcase your brand.

Customer Reviews

“This guide is great…The exercises have helped me so much with branding as I have struggled with that immensely. It’s a great tutorial to read for a beginner making a website like myself!”
Andrea Mueller

“Incredibly thorough, all in one place guide for starting your website.”

Sara Whiteside

“I LOVE working with you!!! Your DIY Guidebook is so, so, so helpful… this is so much easier for me to understand and apply than the Storybrand books I’ve been reading and trying to use. “
Kris Tucker

I’ve got great news- DIYing your website doesn’t have to be a total nightmare!

All you need is some expert guidance to take you through the planning stages of building your website. 

I’ve created this guide to do just that! 

I’ll walk you through basic—but often complicated—website topics like choosing a hosting provider and knowing what to look for in a website builder. My guide also includes plenty of helpful exercises to build your brand, target your audience, and write effective copy to reach them.

Yes, you can “do it yourself,” but a little help makes a big difference! Save yourself time and stress and get my guide today!


About Ashley

I’m passionate about empowering business owners to DIY websites that will GROW their businesses. Years of working with clients just like you have given me the experience and expertise to create this amazing guide that makes building a website easy! No more Googling for hours and searching endlessly for answers. My web design guide has everything you need to create a powerful website!

Now go grab the guide and get started on building a fantastic website for your business!